We provide services which in specific activities represent different stages of complex construction of telecommunication structures. Single activities can be implemented separately or in stages, both in time and territory – in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Acquisition activity

This activity is a preliminary phase for engineering. The process itself starts with the assignment from the customer to build new telecommunication buildings at the specified place. In this phase the task of our staff is to identify and address relevant owners of land and real estates. In case of more affected locations a report with a percentage success rate of construction is worked out for each area. After selecting the candidate the main focus is on getting approvals from relevant owners of land or real estates for construction of assigned telecommunication structure, eventually proposals for concluding an occupational lease between the owner and submitter are prepared.

Visibility check

For construction of transmitters for local coverage and microwave data connection we carry out so called visibility check. In fact this is visibility check at the intended place of construction followed by taking pictures of the surroundings of the locality (position and panoramic photos).

Engineering activity

As part of the engineering activity we supply all permissions, documents and statements concerning all relevant authorities and persons associated with approval of an assigned telecommunication project. The approval process of the set building from the customer may proceed in a form of area management, building permission or only in a form of a declaration of a small building. Whenever possible we always try to arrange the approval process as effectively as possible and also in the shortest time possible.

Design activity

Within the scope of design activity we offer a comprehensive project documentation for assigned construction including building parts, steel constructions, static calculation, electro design and design of telecommunication technology.


In terms of construction we perform and guarantee all construction works necessary for realization of the assigned telecommunication project from the customer.

Assembly of technology

Assembly of technology includes assembly, disassembly, boost or any change (reconfiguration) of individual technologies. We possess all essential measuring and calibration devices for testing, setting and commissioning of telecommunication technology.